5Ws and H

What is Discovery House? Discovery House is a learner’s paradise. This is a continuously evolving process as we seek to provide a place of learning that is complete in all dimensions.

Why does Discovery House exist? To educate the total child for God and humanity. We consistently focus on the adult outcome. This understanding affects our program.

Who are the learners? The children, their teachers, and their parents. We recognize that we cannot accomplish our goals unless learning takes place at all levels of interactions. This understanding affects our program.

Where does learning take place? We understand that children are always learning and consequently think of the child’s classroom as the entire environment in which he/she interacts: school, home, and larger society. This understanding affects our program

When does learning take place? Our philosophy does not rest on a curriculum or time table alone. As said earlier, the child is always learning. School days, evenings, weekends, holidays. We strive to retain this consciousness. This understanding affects our program.

How do we handle learning? Two core outlooks on life and learning shape our methodology at